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ValuNet FIBER’s founders are Stephen L. Sauder, Richard L. Tidwell, Stormy C. Supiran, and Bobbie L. Agler. This team previously founded, owned, and operated Valu-Line of Kansas. Started in 1982, Valu-Line was the first competitive long-distance company in Kansas, expanding from Emporia in the mid-1980s to the entire state of Kansas by the mid-1990s. During this time Valu-Line also sold and serviced business telephone systems, and provided Internet and local telephone service. In 1998, Valu-Line of Kansas merged with Birch Telecom, Inc., a competitive local exchange carrier based in Kansas City, Missouri that operated throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

The Company’s network is a “fiber-to-the-premises” design that is capable of providing up to one gigabyte (1,000 megabytes) of bandwidth to each location (although customers of similar systems do not generally utilize all of the available bandwidth today).

ValuNet FIBER utilizes a state-of-the-art local and long-distance packet switch, network routing and related equipment for high-speed broadband data services. This network is designed to provide toll-quality voice services. ValuNet FIBER’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) based video platform is designed to deliver state-of-the-art video (television) service with capability for enhanced “over the top” services through the use of expanded internet capabilities.

Unlike first and second-generation CLECs who lease the “last mile” of copper wire from the incumbent phone company to reach customers, ValuNet FIBER controls the ValuNet FIBER network from end to end. ValuNet FIBER therefore does not depend on its primary competitor for the construction, maintenance, repair, and pricing of the connection to its network-based customers. In addition, the extraordinary capacity of the all fiber network allows ValuNet FIBER to offer services and data speeds now and in the future that the incumbent phone company and cable company in ValuNet FIBER’s markets cannot match with their existing facilities, and that cannot be matched by currently available (or reasonably foreseeable) wireless technology.

In addition to its local network, ValuNet FIBER has constructed new high-speed fiber connectivity to other carriers, cities, and the Internet backbone at bandwidth and speeds never before available to Emporia.

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