ValuNet FIBER is an all-fiber telecommunications network locally owned and operated in Emporia, Kansas.

Our plans are not only designed to meet your needs for today but also far into the future. When you get ValuNet FIBER you get an all-fiber network, from end to end. This guarantees the fastest, most reliable connection available in Emporia not only for your internet, but for TV and Voice services as well.

Whether you’re checking the weather forecast, scanning your friend’s latest post, checking Facebook or simply want to send an email, your internet connection should make it a breeze, not leave you sitting and waiting.
Digital TV
Tired of waiting for what seems like minutes to get to the next channel? With ValuNet FIBER TV, the channel change process is fast, reliable and consistent.
Reliable Phone
ValuNet FIBER knows you need your phone company to do more than give you a dial tone. They need to understand what makes your phone an important and effective part of your daily life.

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