Reliable Phone

Reliable Phone

ValuNet FIBER knows you need your phone company to do more than give you a dial tone. They need to understand what makes your phone an important and effective part of your daily life.

Our phone products support you and your family at family friendly price. Dependable, Affordable and Simple describes ValuNet FIBER’s phone service.

What’s more fun than talking to a friend or family member? Talking to two friends or family members! 3 way calling is a standard feature of our phone service. Need to add that friend on to make plans for the weekend? It’s easy and does not cost anything!

Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call waiting, multiple ring all mean that you can take control and manage your calling as you see fit! Too busy? Voicemail lets you get the facts when you have the time. Our Voicemail gives you the option to e-mail your Voicemails to your computer or smartphone so you never miss a beat and can manage your messages how and when you want!

Need to add or change a feature? Our web portal lets you modify and adjust your service and features as often as you like, at no additional charge!

3 Way Calling
Caller ID
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Speed Calling
Number Block
Collect/3rd Party Block
Unlimited Long Distance

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