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Refer-a-Friend Program

When you, a current ValuNet customer, refer a friend to our service and they sign up for any package, you and your friend both get $100.00 in bill credits so everyone wins!

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Step 1: Tell your friends about our service, tell them what you like about it and why they should sign up!

Step 2: Get your friends to contact us by phone, email or just by coming to our office!

Step 3: If your friends sign up for our service and give us your name when they sign up, we will issue a credit of $10.00 per month on your account for 10 consecutive months. Your friends will also receive a $10.00 credit on their account for 10 months. IT’S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!


The fine print (stuff our lawyers want you to know)

You and the new customer will begin to receive $10.00 off your monthly recurring bill for 10 months once service at the new customer’s location is installed. If the new customer leaves ValuNet FIBER service before the end of the credit period your credit will be discontinued for that referral. If you leave our service before the end of the 10 months your credit will cease. This offer not valid with any other offers or special promotions, only 1 current customer may receive credit for each new customer. However, there is no limit to the number of referrals and referral credits that the existing customer can have. This is a limited time offer. ValuNet FIBER may cancel offer at any time with 24 hour public notice. This offer is Not Valid with any student discount plans or semester pre-paid plans. If you fail to pay your bill, ValuNet may cancel any future outstanding credits. If the new customer fails to pay their bill, any future outstanding credits to you may be cancelled.