Customer Referral Program

referral program 5-16
When an existing customer refers a new customer to ValuNet FIBER, the referred customer will receive $50 cash and the existing customer will receive a $50 credit on their bill. The referred customer must sign up for a plan that includes internet service for the offer to be valid. The student plans are not valid with this offer. In order to receive a referral award, simply sign a ValuNet FIBER referral coupon and give it to a prospective customer. Ask them to present this coupon to ValuNet FIBER when they sign up for service. It is that simple! ValuNet FIBER will deliver a crisp $50 bill when the new customer’s service is installed. The $50 credit for the referring customer will be applied to their bill on the next billing cycle following the installation.
This offer is not valid with any other ValuNet offers or specials.

There is no limit to the number referrals.


  1. Click on and print out the coupons below.
  2. Put your name in the blank provided on each coupon.
  3. Cut along the doted lines.
  4. Pass them out to friends, family and strangers in the street!



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