Video Surveillance Monitoring and Recording for Business

Contact ValuNet FIBER to find out how we can build a Video Surveillance Monitoring package for your business today. Whether it is a single camera watching the backdoor to your shop or a multi-point, high-definition, infrared system for a large business complex we have you covered. Our systems are designed to fit your needs and are á la carte in nature. There are a number of camera types and several options to choose from. This means your unique needs can be met with a custom solution.


The cameras share some common characteristics. They all are 1080p resolution with at least 2 megapixels and infrared capability. They record at 15 frames per second. Most use wired Ethernet and PoE technology. The software allows the client to adjust cameras, monitor any number of connected cameras and view recordings all from a single computer. Monitoring can also be done from a smart phone or tablet computer.

Recordings made by your system are stored at ValuNet FIBER’s secure data center in Emporia. These recordings are available to view at any time through your computer as long as they have not exceeded their storage time. Standard length of storage is 15 days, though there are options available to store recordings for longer periods.


The Video Surveillance Monitoring system does not use your existing network. All cameras and wiring are completely separate from existing networks you may already have. The system uses ValuNet FIBER’s private fiber optic network ensuring that your recordings are securely stored off site without the risk of being transferred over the internet.

Call today or drop by for an in-office demonstration of what we can do for you with this wonderful and affordable technology!



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