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Hello neighbor!

On behalf of ValuNet FIBER, our employees and all of our local investors, I would like to welcome you to our family.

In the following pages you will find information about our; Products and Services, information that describes our Policies and Procedures, as well as important user guides and tips for getting the most out of your Voice, Video, and Internet services. More detailed and additional information can be found on our web site at: MYVALUNET.COM

Please remember that we really are local. If you cannot find the information you are looking for or have any issue with your service, simply call us at 620.208.5000 or stop by our office at 2914 West Highway 50.

Thank you for choosing us and welcome to the family!



Richard L. Tidwell President 620.208.5000



To learn more visit myvalunet.com

MyValuNet.com is your online resource for all things ValuNet. You can make payments, view your invoice, see channel guides, and read instructions and how-to’s.


Customer Tools:

  • Pay My Bill – Online Payment Center
  • Set up Recurring Auto Payments
  • Make One Time Payments
  • View Invoice
  • Set up Email Notification when Invoice is ready to be viewed
  • Review history of payments


Comm Portal:link

  • Allows you to make simple changes to your phone service from any location.
  • Call Forward Phone Lines
  • If signed up for Voicemail, set it up to be sent as an email.


Email Gui:link




All services are provided over a strand of fiber optic cable installed to your specific address.

When we install your service, we will install a fiber-optic cable to your address. We will bring this strand of fiber into your home and will connect it to a device we call an ONT. This ONT will convert the optical signal from the fiber to an electrical signal that your telephone, computers or television will be able to communicate with. This ONT must be connected to an electrical source to operate. In event of a power failure, this device will turn off but should come on automatically when power is restored.

On the ONT are several connections that are used for the various services we provide. When our technician connects your service, he will use specific connections on the back of the ONT for each type of service you have subscribed to. Please do not change the connections once they are installed by the technician. Changing or disconnecting any connection on the ONT will result in a loss of service.


If you requested telephone service, our technician will connect from the ONT to the existing telephone wiring in your home and all your current telephone devices should continue to function in the same manner as they did in the past.


The ONT also serves as the end point or “demarcation point” for Internet service.

The ONT is not a router however, a router is always required for Internet service. You may use your own router or you may choose to lease a router from ValuNet FIBER. There are many different makes and models of routers. Generally, most routers will function with ValuNet FIBER service however, we have found that older routers or routers designed for DSL type service will not provide the full bandwidth and speed available with ValuNet.

When installing your service, our technician will ask you for your router and will assist you in connecting it to the ONT and the ValuNet network. The technician will test the router with you to determine that it is compatible and is able to handle the speed and bandwidth of the ValuNet FIBER network. If it is found to be incompatible, you may purchase or lease a router from ValuNet or, you may purchase a router from a local retail source or online as you desire.

If you choose to lease a router from us, ValuNet FIBER will provide management and support of the router.

ValuNet FIBER will provide basic assistance in helping you to set up the router you provided or purchased however, as the owner you are responsible for proper operation and programming of the router. You should be aware that there are many types and brands of routers and many types of wireless connectivity. The next two pages will provide additional information on selecting the proper router.


Our HDTV service does not use the old cable TV cable that is probably in your home. Instead, our HDTV utilizes Ethernet cable and wireless devices to deliver service to each TV location. If you purchased our HDTV service, our technician will survey your home with you to determine the best wiring solution for each location.


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