Will my cable modem or DSL modem work with ValuNet service?

Unfortunately a DSL or Cable Modem will not work with ValuNet FIBER service. These devices are specialized as to the type of service input they use. For example, a cable modem has an input called an “F” connector that uses coaxial cable, which the cable companies use, and DSL modems have a standard telephone line input. Both cable and DSL modems may have router functionality built into them, but neither of these device’s inputs have the capability to pass the amount of bandwidth that ValuNet FIBER can supply.

ValuNet FIBER uses a device called an ONT, or Optical Network Terminator to transition from a fiber optic signal to an Ethernet signal. ValuNet FIBER provides this box at no cost to the customer, but you will need to have a router behind the ONT. Most routers available today have the wireless functionality built into them but it is not absolutely necessary. In most cases you can use a router that you already own or you can either lease or purchase a router from ValuNet FIBER at a very reasonable rate.

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