Why is my TV bill so high?

Did you know…Why is my TV bill so high?

  • Nine media companies control 95% of the paid video content consumed in the U.S.?
  • The average household watches only 16 channels, yet networks package their channels to force you to buy those you don’t want in order to get those that you do?
  • Programming network fees account for the bulk of your monthly cable bill?
  • The cost of basic cable has risen 3½ times the rate of inflation over the last 15 years because of demands from networks for higher programming fees?
  • The networks are able to impose huge fee increases because they do not have a relationship with you? (Your TV provider collects the money for them.)
  • One media company honcho recently stated that, “…content is such a fundamental part of daily life that people will give up food and a roof over their heads before they give up TV.” This shows that they have lost their perspective and the demands for huge increases will continue.

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ValuNet has opened new territory!

ValuNet has opened new territory! We are now able to service the west side of Sunnyslope to the east side of Thompson between 9th and 15th streets. This area includes Sunnyslope, Woodland, Prairie St, Prairie Park Lane, Park Avenue, Beverly Street, Gloria Street and portions of 9th, 12th and 15th Avenues.

We are building from the west side of Thompson St out to the fairgrounds from 7th street to 12th street and from the west side of Thompson to the east side of Frontier Way from 12th street to 15th street. Streets included in this area are Thompson, Luther, Henry, Burns, Oakwood Dr, Mava, Sean, Patrick, Tomahawk, Trail Ridge, Magic Circle, and Sherbrooke. This area should be ready around the late October/early November time frame.
After completion of that section, ValuNet will be headed up Prairie from 15th to the bypass at 24th. This new area will include all residences from Jones Park west to Holiday Dr. This area includes Meadowlark Lane, Diane, Delane, Arrowhead, Flint, Maplecrest, Rees Rd, Prairie, Thompson, Luther, Greenbriar, Schaeffer Way and portions of 18th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th Avenues. See our map for specific locations. This area is scheduled to be complete by February 1st, 2015