ValuNet Fiber Build-Out News

March 24th, 2015

ValuNet is wrapping up construction in the Landmark / Deer Brook Additions which includes Deer Brook Lane, Antler Ridge, Caribou Lane, Whitetail Lane, Mount Vernon Terrace, Laura Lane, Marco Court, W 20th, 21st, and 22nd Avenues from Graphic Arts to the west. Service is available to 95% of this area now. Call your local sales team at 208-5555 to get signed up.

ValuNet’s current areas of new construction are in the Becker Addition area as well as Green Briar Estates. Green Briar will be ready for customers after April 15th and Becker addition should be ready around the end of May. We are currently pre-signing customers in these areas now.

Coming by the end of summer are the West Ridge area, the Crestview Addition and the Willow Creek Addition.

Check back frequently for updates as ValuNet continues to make Emporia a Gigabit Community!