ValuNet Tower Cam – Channel 8

ValuNet Tower Cam!                            

Have you checked out the ValuNet tower cam on channel 8? The 2 megapixel Samsung  Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is mounted 250 feet above the ground on the City’s tower at the Public Works complex on Hatcher Street.  The camera not only gives a stunning aerial view of Emporia in a 315 degree pan with several stops, but can be manually controlled to watch and zoom in on approaching storms. WIBW regularly shows the camera on its news casts as well.

Be sure to take a look on ValuNet channel 8      

       Samsung Tower Cam

Northwest Emporia We Are Here!

ValuNet is aggressively working on the fiber build out in the northwest part of Emporia from I-35 to the north city limits, Graphic Arts Rd to Sonora Dr. This area includes the West Ridge, Timmerman, Crest View Lakes, Hidden Lakes, Bayshore neighborhoods, just to name a few. The recent rains have slowed us down just a bit with burying cable from the pedestals to the houses, but it is drying out some now and we are going full speed ahead. If you are in these areas and have not talked to or been contacted by one of our sales representatives call us at 620-208-5555 now and get signed up!

Cable Bore