HBO Free Weekend! October 16 – October 19

ValuNet customers enjoy HBO for free from Friday October 16th to Monday October 19th. Preview the leading premium channel with movies like Unbroken, American Sniper, Let’s Be Cops,Taken 3, not to mention the award winning series Real Time with Bill Maher, The Leftovers, Last Week with John Oliver and many, many more. See what HBO is all about!

ABC Family to Become Freeform

ABC Family is changing its name. Starting in January 2016, the Disney-owned TV network targeting younger viewers will be known as Freeform. The network will begin promoting the new branding right away, committing tens of millions of dollars to getting the word out, while the new logo will be unveiled in a few months.

ABC Logo

‘Chasing Life’ Canceled By ABC Family After 2 Seasons

This will be the first time in 27 years that the cable channel won’t have “family” in its name. Launched in 1977 by Pat Robertson, it was named the CBN Family Channel in 1988 and kept the word in as it went through various ownerships, named The FamilyChannel, Fox Family and then ABC Family. It was believed that there was a clause in the original sale by Robertson that would forbid any future owners from dropping the word “family” from the name though an ABCF rep said that there is no legal obstacle standing in the way of the network changing its moniker to Freeform. Another vestige from the early days of the channel, Robertson’s talk show The 700 Club, will continue to air on the rebranded network.

ABC Family’s decision to go for a new name was triggered by a gap in perception, said ABC Family President Tom Ascheim, noting that, according to research, core viewers understand the younger, social-media active brand while non-viewers associate it with wholesome and family-friendly programming. “We wanted to harmonize our content and out brand,” he said. “By achieving that harmony, we would be much better positioned to keep our core viewers and add new viewers.”

Fall 2015 Sun Outages

Interruptions with TV reception may occur beginning Fri Oct. 2nd through Sun Oct 10th. The outage window occurs daily between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  This yearly phenomenon occurs on different channels at different times and usually only lasts for a few minutes. Viewers can expect choppy video to total loss of signal for a very brief period.

The sun outages are predictable for each satellite and all television service providers experience them. Fortunately, they are a very short term problem; however, there is technically nothing that can be done to prevent them. 

** Sun outages will not affect your ValuNet internet or telephone service **

It is important to remember that the sun outages are a naturally occurring, atmospheric phenomenon and there is nothing wrong with your TV or ValuNet’s fiber service.

Sun Outages or Solar interference occurs twice a year, every February/March and September/October. A Sun Outage takes place when the orbital positions of the satellite and the sun are in one line. The earth station receives signals from both the sun and the satellite, but the more powerful sun rays subdue the desired signal, causing a loss of service. The high energy level and broadband nature of the sun’s energy can overpower a satellite’s downlink signal and effectively wash out a receive signal with noise.

Outage Photo

Channel interference will gradually intensify each day until it peaks and then in the same way it will gradually decrease until the event is over, a period of about 8 to 10 days in our case.

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