Video Surveillance Monitoring for Business

Announcing a new, more secure way to record and store video surveillance for your business!

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Custom Solutions

At ValuNet FIBER, we have changed the way you record, store and view your video security files. Whether it is a single camera watching the backdoor to your shop or a multi-point, high-definition, infrared system for a large business complex, we have you covered. Our systems are engineered, and custom designed for each application. The best part? Using our all fiber network, we store your video in our secure data site here in Emporia. There is no DVR to maintain and no DVR for thieves to steal if they do enter your business. With all storage on our private network, your recordings do not move across the “open” Internet.

Video security camera


Our cameras share some common characteristics. They all are 1080p resolution with at least 2 megapixels and infrared capability. They record at 15 frames per second. Most use wired Ethernet and Power over Ethernet technology. Included software allows you, the client, to adjust cameras, monitor any number of connected cameras and view recordings all from a single computer. Monitoring can also be done from a smartphone or tablet computer.

Hikvision security camera for business


Recordings are stored at ValuNet FIBER’s secure data center in Emporia on video servers designated for your content. These recordings are available to view at any time through your computer as long as they have not exceeded their storage time. Standard length of storage is 15 days, however other options are available to store recordings for longer periods.

Hikvision Security Camera


All video traffic is transmitted over a private network set apart from any phone service or Internet service you subscribe to with ValuNet FIBER. This assures that your Internet service will operate at full capacity regardless of the number of cameras or multiple recordings the video system is operating. This also ensures your recordings are not carried over the “open Internet” and subject to Internet security risks. All cameras and wiring are completely separate from existing networks you may have. Placing the video storage off-site creates another level of security and provides less maintenance for you.  Since we maintain the servers you do not have to invest and maintain them yourself. If something happens in your building or someone breaks in, the DVR cannot be destroyed or stolen, and all video of the event will be safely stored in our data center.

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