ValuNet Fiber Launches Charitable Giving Fund to Support Nonprofit Organizations

March 26, 2021  Emporia, Kansas – ValuNet Fiber, along with the other Cable One family of brands, today announced the launch of the company’s Charitable Giving Fund, which will annually award $200,000 in grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations across its 21-state footprint.

“We are committed to connecting customers in the cities and towns we serve to what matters most,” said Julie Laulis, President and CEO. “Through our philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, we provide support for nonprofit organizations to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference where we live and work.”

Grants will be made available across communities served by ValuNet and the other Cable One family of brands (Sparklight®, Fidelity Communications and Clearwave®) and will concentrate support in the following priority areas:

  • Education and Digital Literacy
  • Hunger Relief and Food Insecurity
  • Community Development

Nonprofit organizations will have the opportunity to apply for a grant during open application periods each spring and fall. Applications for spring 2021 grants will be open between April 1, 2021 and April 30, 2021.

The Charitable Giving Fund is an extension of the company’s existing corporate social responsibility efforts, which include:

  • Chromebooks for Kids, an initiative in which the company donates Chromebooks to Title I schools across its footprint. To date the company has donated more than 1,500 Chromebooks to help bridge the digital divide in schools that lack funding.
  • Partnering with EmbraceRace, a national organization dedicated to creating tools, resources, and networks to promote a movement of child and adult racial justice advocates.
  • Supporting the mission of Special Olympics, which provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports, as well as health, arts, and leadership and advocacy programs for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Planting trees through the Arbor Day Foundation on behalf of customers who switch to paperless billing. By the end of 2021, the company will have planted 110,000 trees in its markets and national forests.
  • Supporting the mission of Keep America Beautiful in cleaning up and beautifying communities across the U.S.


Perhaps the most critical and impactful component of our efforts are those of our associates, who spend thousands of hours every year giving back to the cities and towns they call home,” Laulis said. “In keeping with our values – do right by those we serve, drive progress, and lend a hand – our associates give their time and talents to organizations working to make a positive change for those most in need.”

For more information about the ValuNet Fiber Charitable Giving Fund, visit




About ValuNet Fiber

ValuNet Fiber is a leading broadband communications provider and part of the Cable One family of brands, which serves more than 950,000 residential and business customers in 21 states. ValuNet provides Emporia, Kansas consumers with a wide array of connectivity and entertainment services, including all-fiber high-speed internet and advanced Wi-Fi solutions, cable television and phone service.


Trish Niemann
Senior Director, Corporate Communications

ValuNet Fiber to Award $3,000 to Help Students Dream Bigger

Award to support STEM project for K-12 school or organization 

Feb. 25, 2021 – Emporia, Kansas – Schools and organizations serving K-12 students in Emporia have the  opportunity to win $3,000 to fund their science, technology, engineering or math project or club as part  of ValuNet Fiber’s annual “Dream Bigger” social media campaign.  

K-12 schools and organizations can enter to win simply by sharing a photo and written entry outlining  how the money will be used to fund their technology project – whether for equipment, competition  fees, field trips or otherwise – and how it benefits students. The winning entry will receive a $3,000  award.  

“The diverse and innovative ways students in the communities we serve utilize technology both inside  and outside of the classroom is impressive and paves the way for our future,” said Trish Niemann, Senior  Director of Corporate Communications. “In an increasingly digital world, made more evident during the  Coronavirus pandemic, we are excited to see how technology is helping students dream bigger, and we  want to do our part to help make those dreams happen.”  

Entries will be accepted from March 1 through March 19 at Five finalists will be  selected by ValuNet and the winner will be determined by public voting from March 22 through March  31. The finalists – as well as the school or organization selected to receive the award – will be  highlighted on ValuNet’s social media channels, including Facebook.  


About ValuNet Fiber
ValuNet Fiber is a leading broadband communications provider and part of the Cable One family of brands, which  serves more than 950,000 residential and business customers in 21 states. ValuNet provides Emporia, Kansas  consumers with a wide array of connectivity and entertainment services, including all-fiber high-speed internet  and advanced Wi-Fi solutions, cable television and phone service.  

Tammy Gabel
Communications Manager

Boost your WiFi with these helpful tips!

The world as we know it continues to change. We want to make sure you have the best Internet service possible. Today that means WiFi must work just as well as your wired Internet connection. While having FIBER fast speeds is awesome, getting fiber fast Internet over wireless connections is the real experience we all want. There are several factors that can cause unsatisfactory results with your WiFi even if the fiber connection is working just fine.

Think you’re having trouble? Please consider the following questions. The problem could be simple and easy for you to fix yourself!

  1. Are you able to pull up a normal browser (google, internet explorer etc), but having issues with a certain application such as a game or a business web site? This could be that the application server is overloaded with all the increased activity of people working and schooling from home. Try the site again at a different time of the day and see if it reacts better.
  2.  Do you own your Router? Have you ever upgraded it recently? Even a fairly new router may have an update available. You can usually go to the manufactures’ web site and they will walk you through the upgrade process.
  3. How old is your router? Most routers sold more than 3 years ago were not designed to have a large number of devices connected at once. Sometimes they will only allow 5 to 8 devices connected at a time. With all of us stuck at home today some homes have 15 to 20 devices trying to connect! The simple fix, you might need to buy or lease a new router.
  4. Is your router a dual band router, i.e. does it operate in two frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz? 5GHz can pass higher bandwidth speeds, but your device must be within line of sight of the router to achieve good connectivity. The 2.4GHz frequency will travel through more walls giving you better connectivity, but the amount of bandwidth will be lower meaning a slower speed. Most new devices such as tablets and smartphones can operate in both frequencies and automatically select which one that has the best signal. Older devices may only work in the slower 2.4 GHz frequency.
  5. Where is your router placed? It is best to place the router in a central location at least 5 to 7 feet above the floor. Remember, the less walls the router has to penetrate, the better signal your devices will receive. Also, Wifi signals don’t go through metal or mirrors well. The signal will not penetrate and actually bounces back. Avoid placing the router near microwaves, cordless phones and other devices that may interfere with the signal.
  6. How many devices consistently connect to Wi-Fi? (Don’t forget devices such as Alexa or your Wi-Fi equipped appliances or security devices when you are answering this question). More devices in use at the same time compete for the available amount of bandwidth. It is a good idea to shut off devices not in use as they may use bandwidth even if you are not actively using them.
  7. How large is your home? (Be sure to include basements, garages, or any commonly used areas of your home in which Internet service is needed) What is the makeup of the walls of your home? Sheetrock is easily penetrated, but older plaster and lathe, stucco or metals stud walls do not allow signal to pass through. ValuNet has our Whole Home WiFi solution using Plume devices that will assure you coverage for the entire living area.

We are ALWAYS available and happy to help you with any questions related to our services. Our intention is to provide your family with the very best support and service available. We are here and ready to help you! Call us anytime at 620-208-5000.

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