Call Forwarding Set Up

To set up Call forwarding from your phone:

  • Dial *72 and immediately type in the number you wish to forward to.
  • To remove the forwarding dial *73 to deactivate.

To set up Call Forwarding Remotely from ANY Phone:

  1. Dial 620-208-5090
  2. Enter the full 10 Digits of the Telephone Number you wish to forward calls FROM.
  3. Enter your 4 Digit Pin # XXXX
  4. Dial *72 followed immediately by the 10 digits of the Telephone Number you want your calls to forward to.
    a. A call will immediately be placed automatically to the phone number you have pointed the calls to.
    b. This phone call must be answered in order for Call Forwarding to be activated.

To remove forwarding remotely:

  1. Follow the first (3) Steps above
  2. Dial *73 instead to deactivate the forwarding