First Bill Explained

Your First ValuNet Invoice

When you look at your first ValuNet bill, you may notice it is higher than you expected. Don’t worry – it’s standard practice in the communications industry. It may just take a month or so to even out. Allow us to explain:

Local service fees are typically charged one month in advance no matter what carrier you select. That means your first ValuNet bill includes your local service fee and taxes for your next month of service. It also includes partial, prorated service fees, taxes, and usage charges for the month you switched to ValuNet, dating back to the day you started using our service.

Within the body of your Invoice the services are broken down individually. Above each service will be a line item showing the time-frame including number of days the services were billed.

Charges for 01/07/13-02/09/13 – 32 DAYS

So when you look at your first bill, remember that it covers more than a single month of service. In fact, depending on when you switched, it could cover up to seven weeks of service. You should be receiving a refund from your previous carrier for the amount you prepaid for local service with them. That refund offsets the higher charges on your first ValuNet bill.

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