Internet Support

ValuNet FIBER works hard to ensure that we provide the highest quality and most reliable service to our customers.

ValuNet FIBER provides service to you through a fiber connection to your home and connects or interfaces to your router through our ONT device. If you own your router, ValuNet FIBER can test the network and connection to the router but cannot actually test or trouble shoot the router itself or any device (wired or wireless) that might be connected to it. In-person support is available from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday (except holidays) .

This support can include dispatching of technicians as needed (charges may apply). After-hours support is available by phone 24/7. In the event that a technician is required, a technician will be dispatched the next business day. Technicians are not normally dispatched after-hours.

  • ValuNet FIBER will test to assure that service is operating to and from your home.
  • ValuNet FIBER will assist customers with general routing questions
  • ValuNet FIBER will confirm that the customer’s router is passing traffic to and from our network.
  • ValuNet FIBER will dispatch a technician at the customer’s request and after attempts have been made to assist the customer remotely (phone support). The technician will perform an on-site trouble identification procedure to determine where the problem may actually be occurring. If the problem is identified as being on the “customer side” of the network, a charge for this service may be assessed.


At your request, ValuNet FIBER will lease a router (with both wired and wireless connections)to you. Included with the router lease are the following services:

  • Set up and ongoing support of the router at no additional charge.
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Free trouble isolation including on site isolation as needed.

For support, please call us at 620-208-5000.