Subpoena Requests

Cable One, Inc. Legal Compliance Group, which processes requests for subscriber information for ValuNet Fiber’s internet, voice services, and cable television is located at 210 E. Earll Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85012.

ValuNet Fiber prefers service of legal requests via electronic mail or facsimile directly to the Legal Compliance Group.

Cable One may, in certain circumstances, seek reimbursement for processing and responding to legal process as permitted by law. Cable One does not charge for child pornography or child endangerment investigations. Prior to incurring any costs (except in emergencies), we will discuss reimbursement with you.

Routine Requests

Fax: 602-364-6013


Mailing Address: 210 E. Earll Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85012 Attn: Legal Compliance Group

Emergency Requests

Phone: 620-208-5000

E-mail:; copy

Emergency disclosure form will be required for the release of any subscriber information.