EBB Consent Form

Emergency Broadband Benefit Disclaimer & Customer Acknowledgement

You acknowledge that we are providing Internet access service to you pursuant to the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program. The EBB Program is a government program developed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that will reduce your Internet access service bill on a temporary basis.

Your household must meet certain eligibility criteria to participate in the EBB Program, and only certain of our Internet service plans are eligible to receive a discount under the EBB Program. We may request additional information regarding your eligibility status at any time. You may be de-enrolled from the EBB Program and no longer receive the discount if you no longer meet the criteria for receiving the EBB Program discount.

The EBB Program is temporary in nature, and provides a discount on your Internet access service bill only for a limited time. If you choose to continue to receive service from us after the end of the EBB Program, you will be subject to our un-discounted rates and general terms and conditions. We will inform you when the EBB Program will end, and when your new rates will take effect.

You may obtain Internet access service supported by the EBB Program from any participating provider of your choice, and you may transfer your EBB Program benefit to another participating provider at any time. Only one EBB Program discount per household is permitted. You may not transfer your EBB Program discount to another person. You may be de-enrolled from the EBB Program if you receive the EBB Program discount from another provider.


1. In order to successfully complete the enrollment, the information provided on the application and consent form must match exactly. Examples include:

  • If you did not qualify using the Social Security # please leave that field blank on the consent form.
  • If you placed a (.) after the street name such as 100 Lawrence St.  then please do so on the consent form.

2. If a dependent was used to qualify, you will need to include their personal identification information as well, including First/Last Name, Date of Birth and Last 4 Digits of Social Security #.