Router Tips

  • When connecting your router make sure your network connection is plugged into the “WAN” port on your router
  • Don’t operate your wireless network without some type of encryption security to keep unauthorized users from connecting to your wireless router.
  • Keep your router up to date with the latest version of general release firmware. This can usually be found on the router manufacturer’s website.
  • If your router is more than two or three years old, it may be a good time to replace it. Routers that are two or more years old sometimes cannot connect reliably to newer devices.
  • It is recommended that you change your Password on a regular basis.

Still having trouble? Calls us at 208-5000 for phone support from our ValuNet in-house customer support representatives.

Wireless Troubleshooting

  • Make sure the device you are attempting to connect has wireless capability, that it is turned on and set to look for or “see” the wireless router.
  •  If the devices are set up for wireless, but do not seem to want to connect, plug the remote device into one of the routers physical ports using an Ethernet patch cable.
  •  If the device works when connected through the cable, the problem is not with the device itself, but still may be with the wireless operation of that particular device.
  •  Identify any other wireless devices at the location and unplug or disable (if possible) to see if they may be causing interference.
  •  If your device has connected but has low, weak or intermittent signal, try moving the router or the device to a different location (possibly closer to the router) to see if the signal strength improves.

Router Selection


Selecting and purchasing a router for use on ValuNet FIBER’s Internet service is not complicated; however, there are few things to think about. While price is always a part of the equation, there are a number of other factors to consider.

How many devices are going to be operating on the router at the same time and how many are to be connected wirelessly?

This seems like a simple answer, but often gets over looked when purchasing a router. Devices that could be connected to the router include: laptops, smart phones, tablets, game systems, smart TVs, DVD players, heating/AC units, security system, SIP/VOIP phones, other streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, and Google TV) and even refrigerators are included in this list. That $29.00 router has an appealing price but may not meet your need and requirements. On the box of the router it should say up to how many wireless connections it will handle. Some of the lower end routers will only handle 5 wireless connections which is not adequate for most homes. Ask yourself how many wireless devices might be connected to your wireless router at the same time.

How big is the home, single level, multiple level, apartment, etc.?

Is your home an apartment? A small single story ranch or a rambling older 3 story affair? The wireless signal strength of routers varies as does the ability of the router to operate on multiple frequencies simultaneously.

Do you have gamers (WOW, Xbox, PS3, etc.) and high streamer users (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.)?

If the answer is yes to these, a higher end router will be needed. The higher end router has a higher processor which will allow for quick processing and proper operation of the game and the streaming of movies/TV shows without buffering or pausing. A router with a lower processor will have buffering, and lag on games and streaming.

A word about used or older routers

If the router is 2 years or older it may not give you the all the benefit of the fiber connection. Up until the last few years, most routers were made for DSL connection or a cable connection which could only handle up to 12 MB download and sometimes as little as 768K upload ( for a cable connection up to 50MB download and 2Mb up load). ValuNet service is fiber service and is a synchronous connection requiring routers with higher bandwidth capability and higher processing speeds to be able to use all the bandwidth provided by ValuNet. A router with minimum ability to provide 50 Mbps in each direction will better suit the speeds of the fiber network.

Reading the router specifications

Take a minute to read the specs of the router you are considering. The wireless signal strength will be indicated on the box with a wireless signal image. The more wireless bars that are shaded, the stronger and broader the wireless signal will be. This is important for multiple level or larger homes. If you want your wireless to reach most areas of your home, a router with a broader wireless range will be required. You will notice that routers with broader wireless range will also accommodate more wireless users.

Look to see what the maximum download and upload speeds of the router are. Generally speaking, you will want a router that has speeds of at least twice the bandwidth of the Internet service you are using.

What frequencies does the router operate on? Routers that support wireless service will operate on at least one frequency group. Cheaper units may operate just on 2.4 GHz. If you are operating multiple devices and streaming video or gaming, you will want a router that operates on both 2.4 and 5 GHz. You may also want a router that operates in the “N” range. Some newer upper end routers also incorporate AC as well as N in their routing. These are all features that will enhance your capability.

Internet Support

ValuNet FIBER works hard to ensure that we provide the highest quality and most reliable service to our customers.

ValuNet FIBER provides service to you through a fiber connection to your home and connects or interfaces to your router through our ONT device. If you own your router, ValuNet FIBER can test the network and connection to the router but cannot actually test or trouble shoot the router itself or any device (wired or wireless) that might be connected to it. In-person support is available from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday (except holidays) .

This support can include dispatching of technicians as needed (charges may apply). After-hours support is available by phone 24/7. In the event that a technician is required, a technician will be dispatched the next business day. Technicians are not normally dispatched after-hours.

  • ValuNet FIBER will test to assure that service is operating to and from your home.
  • ValuNet FIBER will assist customers with general routing questions
  • ValuNet FIBER will confirm that the customer’s router is passing traffic to and from our network.
  • ValuNet FIBER will dispatch a technician at the customer’s request and after attempts have been made to assist the customer remotely (phone support). The technician will perform an on-site trouble identification procedure to determine where the problem may actually be occurring. If the problem is identified as being on the “customer side” of the network, a charge for this service may be assessed.


At your request, ValuNet FIBER will lease a router (with both wired and wireless connections)to you. Included with the router lease are the following services:

  • Set up and ongoing support of the router at no additional charge.
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Free trouble isolation including on site isolation as needed.

For support, please call us at 620-208-5000.