Let’s talk about Wi-fi

Wireless devices have become an integral part of our lives. In our homes wireless Internet connectivity has become commonplace and is used not only for computer connections but for everything from our cell phones to security cameras and even remote control and monitoring of heating and cooling systems.
A wireless router is a very useful addition to your ValuNet FIBER data and video services. A wireless router allows the users to roam freely about the home or business with laptops, tablets and other devices. Wireless routers also provide for the ability to locate “fixed” devices in various areas that cannot be reached or are hard to reach with a physical cable connection.There are however limitations with wireless routers.

  • Wireless connectivity can be limited by the building structure such as; wall material, thickness of walls and number of walls to be penetrated can degrade a wireless signal or block it altogether.
  •  Other devices within the building may also degrade or interfere with the signal. Microwave ovens, high voltage circuits, amateur or “HAM” radios and other wireless devices can interfere with a routers signal causing erratic or degraded service.
  •  Interference can also come from other wireless devices in your home such as cordless telephones, garage door openers, baby monitors, wireless doorbells, gaming consoles, home weather stations, and Bluetooth devices just to name a few.