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Stinger WiFi

Apartments with stinger wifi internet in Emporia

Stinger WiFi, the future of WiFi is now buzzing around select apartment complexes in Emporia!

Stinger WiFi is a service provided at select apartment complexes in Emporia (listed below). Stinger WiFi does not require a router.  You can access Stinger WiFi from your wireless device at any of these listed locations, sign up instantly and begin using Stinger WiFi immediately!  Just pick your plan, select your payment method and start using our service in just couple of minutes. What can Stinger WiFi do? Let's take a look:

  • WiFi transceivers have been installed throughout each selected apartment complex. These provide a consistent and reliable wireless signal to all areas of the complex.
  • Stinger WiFi is powered by the ValuNet FIBER Internet backbone so you’ll get blazing fiber speed with WiFi flexibility. How fast? Upload and download speeds of 50-150 Mbps, and like all ValuNet services, there are NO data caps or usage limits.
  • Up to 8 devices can connect to an account at once and all connections are private and secure. You do not share your connection with others in the complex – they cannot see you and you cannot see them.
  • It’s portable. As you move about in your apartment complex, your secure connection stays with you. Going to your friend’s apartment or to the laundry?  You’re connected just as if you were in your own apartment AND if you visit another apartment complex on the Stinger WiFi network your connection follows you!
  • NO Long Term Contracts! Simply “pay as you go” with no need to worry about what to do if you move or are not happy with the service.
  • If you are a Stinger WiFi customer and need further assistance or you want to know more about Stinger Wi-Fi, visit stingerwifi.com


  • Prairie Sage Apartments - 306 E 12th Avenue
  • Sundance at Prairie Sage - 1220 Highland St
  • Logan Lofts - 1225 Exchange St
  • The Lofts - 1240 Highland St
  • Village Apartments - 1210 Cottonwood/502 E 12th Ave
  • Harlow Heights - 1114 East St
  • Foursquare 2 – 1010 East St



Not in a Stinger WiFi location? No problem! We provide fast fiber internet services to most of Emporia, Kansas. See our current Internet Plans and Student Specials.

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