TV On My Side

Fighting Unreasonable Rate Hikes

ValuNet FIBER is committed to providing our customers with the best TV programming at the best price. Programming is our most expensive cost, which is why we vigorously negotiate with broadcasters for retransmission consent. However, if broadcasters do not get the fees they want, rather than continuing to negotiate with us, they can remove their station from our line-up.

We are currently in negotiation with the following programmers for the right to retransmit their stations:

Turner Networks Negotiations

ValuNet is in negotiations with Turner Networks for the right to carry their channels - CNN, HLN, CNN Español, TBS, TNT, TCM, Cartoon, Boomerang, and Tru TV (not all channels carried in all areas). This contract expires April 30, 2023. We are committed to avoiding disruption to our customers and will make every effort to reach a new agreement with Turner Networks before that time. We will keep you updated as negotiations continue.

NFL Network Channel Removal FAQs

Q. Why is the NFL Network no longer in my channel line up?
A. Our agreement with NFL Media to carry the NFL Network expired on Aug. 23, 2022. We chose not to renew our agreement to carry the NFL Network because NFL Media continues to charge full price to our customers, despite the fact that NFL Network content has been dramatically decreased.

The NFL Network no longer long carries the once exclusive Thursday night games – NFL Media sold these games to Amazon and they will now be aired on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, regular NFL games will air for free on Broadcast TV and the NFL Network will no longer carry these games as a simulcast on NFL Network.

Q. Where else can I view NFL Network programming?
A. Our internet customers can use our high-speed internet service to stream NFL Network programming content via streaming services such as Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu+ Live TV, and YouTube TV.

Q. Will you still carry NFL RedZone?
A. Unfortunately not. In order to be able to offer NFL RedZone to our customers, we must have an agreement with NFL Media.

Q. If I am willing to pay more for this channel, can I keep it?
A. Unfortunately not. In order to be able to offer the NFL Network to our customers, we must have an agreement with NFL Media.

As always, our goal is to provide your favorite shows. We'll continue to fight for fair pricing from broadcasters!