Fiber Upgrade FAQ

ValuNet FIBER and Sparklight have recently teamed up to provide you with an all fiber network. We'd like to welcome you to the ValuNet FIBER family and take a moment to answer your questions about the upgrade process:

Q. How does this impact my current Sparklight service? Will my price increase?
ValuNet FIBER and Sparklight prices are very comparable and we do not anticipate any negative changes to the cost of your service as we help you make the transition. You will be contacted well in advance by a team member to go over products and pricing and we will work with you to ensure a smooth transition. 

Q. What do I need to do to get switched over?
Call us today at 620-208-5555 to schedule your upgrade! We will do simple paperwork and then work with you to find a convenient time to schedule a technician to come to your home for the fiber installation.

Q. Will my channels stay the same or change when I move to ValuNet FIBER?
ValuNet FIBER has a robust channel lineup that is very similar to Sparklight. To compare channel lineups or for more information please visit or call us!

Q. Will my landline phone number remain the same when I move to ValuNet FIBER?
Yes! We will port your phone number to our service so you will be able to keep your current number. Also, our phone service comes with additional features like call waiting, caller ID and long distance.

Q. How does this impact my current Sparklight service and billing date?
Our billing dates are very similar, and we will do our best to keep your new payment due date close to your existing Sparklight due date.  Our team will work together to install your fiber service and to disconnect your Sparklight service.

Q. How will installation of my new fiber service work?
Once your order is initiated, a ValuNet FIBER team member will contact you to schedule your installation. Our technician will arrive at your home at the agreed upon time and do a brief walk through with you to explain the process.  If you would like a detailed description of how the noninvasive fiber set-up works, please let us know! Our team is happy to help explain the details of your installation when they call you to go over products, pricing, and paperwork.

Q. What will happen to my DVR recordings I currently have with Sparklight?
Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer those over to our service. We encourage you to watch those favorite recordings before your fiber upgrade.

Q. What will happen with my current email address?
Email addresses provided to you by Cableone/Sparklight are not transferable to ValuNet FIBER.  We understand changing an email address can be cumbersome and are happy to assist you in setting up a new email address with an alternative email provider. Soon, all emails will be discontinued because of the steady decline over the past decade in the email service used by customers.

Still have questions?

Call us anytime and talk to a real person.


Better Together


With ValuNet FIBER service, you'll enjoy:

Always fast fiber internet

Our fiber connection goes right to your door - no sharing with the whole neighborhood! Stream & download with no data caps at blazing fast speeds.

HDTV with the channels you love

Get crystal clear picture, instant channel change, whole home DVR and more. Watch your favorite shows, including local and premium channels! 

Award Winning Customer Support

Our customer care team is here for you when you need us. Free technical support is available 24/7. Give us a call at 620-208-5000 anytime.