About ValuNet FIBER

Built for Emporians by Emporians

Our ValuNet Fiber team consists of over 30 local people who have proudly built Emporia’s only ALL FIBER network. Our network has been built for Emporians by Emporians and has brought a new level of quality and reliability in Broadband, HDTV and Telephone service that is unmatched in our industry. Our network provides the community with 21st century technology and allows us to deliver the highest broadband speed, bandwidth, reliability and quality found anywhere in the United States to our customers right here in Emporia. Local medical facilities, our public schools, Emporia State University and Flint Hills Technical College, manufacturing facilities, small businesses and even our City and County offices are all connected with our state of the art network. The most reliable, fastest and consistent broadband Internet with speeds up to 1 Gigabit along with clear, reliable HDTV and voice services, are the order of the day for every one of our business and residential customers.

Our service philosophy is ALWAYS, not "sometimes"

While we take great pride in our network quality, speed, and reliability, what we are most proud of are our people. Networks do not operate by themselves and customers cannot fulfill their needs for technical support on their own. This is where our people shine. All ValuNet FIBER staff and management are committed to ALWAYS working to help our customers. Whether it is installing a new TV, updating an Internet router or just a question about connecting a computer or other device to the home network, we pride ourselves on always being available to help and continuing to be available until the customer issue is resolved.

Our customer care team is local and nearly every call to our office is answered by a live person, on or before the third ring. Many issues called into our customer care team are actually resolved while the customer is still on the phone. If we are unable to resolve the issue immediately, we will follow up on the same day and dispatch a technician promptly if it is determined an on-site visit is necessary.

Our customers overwhelmingly tell us how their experience with their former company was “sometimes ok” or their service worked “sometimes.” ValuNet FIBER customers overwhelmingly tell us how our service ALWAYS delivers what they pay for and our people are ALWAYS ready and willing to help them with any issue, whether it be troubleshooting a Wi-Fi connection or to help set up a newly purchased television.  We ARE ValuNet FIBER and we hope you will give us an opportunity to prove that we are always here for our customers!

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