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Whole Home WiFi

Family using the internet on five different devices

You want full access to all the bandwidth you pay for all the time, right?

What about your home WiFi? An old router won’t always handle all that speed and many routers can no longer support all the many devices found in today’s home. ValuNet FIBER has the answer to your needs.

Whole-Home WiFi is ValuNet FIBER’s solution for better wireless service within your home. Our Whole-Home WiFi service is an option to any of our Fiber Internet service plans. Whole-Home WiFi includes a new, high speed router and any other equipment needed to provide you with full service WiFi to every area within your home!

100% in-home coverage

We start the installation process with a survey of your home by one of our technicians. Once the survey is complete, the technician will install the appropriate router or routers to provide optimal coverage in your home (coverage of backyards, garages and additional buildings may be added for an additional charge). The technician will test the installation and work with you to ensure that your needs for WiFi around the house are met and the wireless service functions to your satisfaction.

Complete customer service, ALWAYS

Once installed, you will have peace of mind knowing that ValuNet FIBER owns and maintains the system and equipment. If you have issues or need assistance, you simply call us! We can access the router remotely to keep the software up to date and to assist you in adding devices or solving issues. We will even dispatch a tech to resolve the issue if needed, all at no additional charge!